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Anti-ransomware tools

For users whose computers have been infected và held hostage by certain versions of ransomware. We make it easy to regain access to your system & files. To better understvà ransomware, read about it in our security intelligence glossary.

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Crypkhổng lồ Ransomware File Decryptor Tool

Cryplớn Ransomware is a type of ransomware which encrypts files making them unusable by the user. To regain access, victims are asked khổng lồ pay a ransom. Our decryption tool decrypts certain variants of cryplớn ransomware, so you don’t have lớn pay up.

Tools for sản phẩm điện thoại and websites

Our không tính tiền mobile apps and widgets protect you from website threats, help you manage your passwords and devices, và keep the security of your device up-to-date.

Trkết thúc Micro™ thiết bị di động Security for iPhone, iPod cảm ứng, & iPad

Protect yourself from phishing and web threats while browsing the Internet from your iPhone, iPod cảm ứng, or ipad tablet device.

Trover Micro™ Smartphone Security for Android

Protect yourself from phishing and website threats while browsing the Internet from your Android device.


Trover Micro™ Password Manager

Manage website passwords & login IDs in one secure location, so you need only to rethành viên one password.

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Cleanup và threat prevention



Think your PC is infected? Scan your PC for a wide range of web security threats including viruses, worms, Trojans, & spyware.

HouseĐiện thoại tư vấn identifies and fixes vulnerabilities khổng lồ help prsự kiện re-infection.

HouseHotline for trang chủ IoT Devices

Scan your devices for security risks and protect your privacy và data.

Dr. Booster

Frees up memory space (RAM), optimises your phone, boosts Android games, and removes viruses và junk cabít.

HijackThis xuất hiện Source Utility

This tool has been released lớn the open source community & is no longer maintained by Trkết thúc Micro. Please visit Sourceforge.net for more information on the obtaining the tool & any related community tư vấn.

Blocks dangerous websites Guards against identity theft Protects your privacy on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn Protects kids online

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