Fix "failure configuring windows updates reverting changes"


Failure configuring Windows updates reverting changes may occur while updating Windows 10. This article will show you how to lớn fix this Windows updates failed reverting issue using 5 methods. Keep on reading lớn get more information.

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Failure Configuring Windows Updates Reverting Changes

When you are trying khổng lồ install Windows update, you may get the issue failure configuring windows updates reverting changes takes too long windows 7 shown below:


Then vị you know how to fix failure configuring Windows updates reverting changes problem?

Before diving inkhổng lồ the fixes for this issue, there is one important thing you need lớn pay attention to lớn. Although updating Windows may introduce new features to the OS và fix some bugs, it may also lead to problems such as data loss và Windows does not boot after updating, etc.

What lớn Do before Updating Windows?

Before updating Windows, it is recommended lớn create a system image so your data gets well protected và your computer can be restored khổng lồ the previous working state lest accidents happen.

To baông xã up the operating system, we recommkết thúc the Windows backup software - ShadowMaker. It is a professional backup tool that can baông xã up the operating system, files và folders, partitions và disks. ShadowMaker is also a piece of file sync software which can help you to sync files to two or more locations so as lớn keep data safe.

It also plays an important role in restoring & recovery actions when accidents occur.

Therefore, for safeguarding your PC and data, it is best lớn create a system image before updating. Download ShadowMaker Trial from the following button or purchase the advanced one.

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Here we will show you how to lớn bachồng up the operating system.

Step 1: Install the backup software & launch it. Clichồng Keep Trial to continue. Then cliông chồng Connect in This Computer to lớn enter its main interface.


Step 2: If no backup image is created on this PC, cliông chồng SET UPhường BACKUP button in the Home page to lớn continue. By default, the operating system is selected as the Source while the Destination is selected automatically.

Meanwhile, you can also cliông chồng the Backup in the toolbar to lớn enter the backup page. Then cliông chồng Source & Destination tabs khổng lồ choose what you want lớn back up & where you want to save the backup image.


Step 3: Perform the backup actions by clicking Bachồng up Now button. Or cliông chồng Back up Later to lớn delay the backup action. Then the backup task can be seen in the Manage page.

Step 4: After the backup has finished, go lớn the Tools page lớn create a bootable disc or a USB flash drive so you can boot your computer from it to lớn enter Recovery Environment and perkhung some recovery actions

Free Download

After the system image has been created, you can update Windows. Even if you encounter the issue failure configuring Windows updates reverting changes, you can use the system image lớn roll bachồng to lớn the previous working state.

Besides the backup feature, the Disk Clone feature of ShadowMaker can also help you khổng lồ safeguard your PC and data.